Hotmart Company

  • Lead Data Scientist - Jul 2020 - Present
    Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    I have actively work with financial team, this time in a more strategical way. Besides, get involved with data scientist operational tasks, I actively work with financial products’ idealization anti-fraud prevention strategies

    • Actively working with financial services data scientists squad.
    • Devising new approaches to risk analysis or finding ways of automating the risk management process (risk management).
    • Designing and building high-performance identity verification applications that can withstand aggressive fraud attacks (fraud detection).
    • Support Risks and Compliance team with data insights to fraud detection.
    • Support financial services with data insights.
    • Plan and build goals and OKR’s for the team growth.
    • Building valuable ML products since their conception, through development and productization.

  • Data Scientist - Jul 2020 - Oct 2021
    Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    I provide support and advice to relevant teams within the organization, including investment teams, and develop tools and dashboards to improve the investment process.

    • Build and validate valuable machine learning models to prevent fraud.
    • Support Risks and Compliance team with data insights to fraud detection.
    • Support to get insights about different business areas based on data.
    • Collect data to provide easy access to information by answering business questions.
    • Conduct data studies as also validate the business hypotheses.
    • Development and maintenance of KPIs, reports, and dashboards.
    • Devising and coding novel algorithms from scratch, to help manage the data analytics and machine learning processes.
    • Conducting quantitative analysis to obtain insights, developing these into workable solutions, and then following these through to successful delivery (while measuring outcomes).

Laboratório de Percepção Computacional - UFCG

  • Deep Learning Researcher - Mar 2019 - Feb 2022
    Campina Grande, Brazil

    I have performed three years of scientific work in computer vision paid by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq in Brazil), which is one of the largest research agencies in Brazil. I started to work with Digital Image Processing, Pattern recognition and anomaly detection in satellite images thought Computer Vision and Statistical approach.

    • Developing statistical models for data analysis and statistical inference
    • Knowledge of some machine learning algorithms SVM, K-Means, K-Nearest Neighbors, Random Forest, Decision Trees, Neural Networks;
    • Building and validate some Deep Neural network architectures;
    • Image data processing;
    • Feature engineering and Feature Extraction from unstructured data;
    • Pattern Recognition and anomaly detection.