Hey! I’m Toni Esteves, a Computer Scientist and Quant Researcher based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.



I possess extensive experience within the technology sector dating back to 2010, predominantly serving as a Computer Scientist. While my background predominantly revolves around software engineering, I have recently found fulfilment as a Quantitative Researcher.

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematical optimization, I hold a master’s degree in Deep Learning, with prior postgraduate studies encompassing Database Management and Agile Software Development. My academic journey culminated in a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems. My professional focus lies within quantitative finance and financial services, with a fervent interest in science and machine learning. Within my research capacity, I concentrate on portfolio optimization, fraud prevention, pattern recognition, operational research, and broader financial services domains.

My expertise spans diverse problem domains including Clustering, Anomaly Detection, and various financial intricacies such as fraud detection and forecasting. Throughout my career, I have consistently contributed to the development and productization of valuable machine learning solutions from inception to deployment.

Collaboration is integral to my approach, as I thrive in team environments where effective communication fosters collective achievement. * *Driven by ambition, I continuously set and achieve goals, leveraging my educational background and professional experience. I am now seeking avenues for further personal and professional growth.

Maintaining composure amid the rigors of scientific inquiry is paramount. My ability to remain calm under pressure has been instrumental in attaining my objectives and sustaining focus.

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.